Undocumented: adl_main, wm_apmCustomStackSize


In the old days, before “multitasking” was introduced, an Open-AT application had a single entry point - adl_main() - and a single stack-size variable - wm_apmCustomStackSize

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Since “multitasking” was introduced, these are undocumented although they are still supported and, in fact, required for a single-task application in the “classic” style.

Many of the samples still use them.

The documentation of these needs to be reistated in the ADL User Guide - and it needs to be made clear how the system decides whether to use an adl_InitTasks Table or an adl_main() function for its entry point(s).

See: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3567&p=13610&hilit=adl_main+adl_InitTasks#p13610


They still do.

Single-Task (“Classic”) samples using IRQs define the following:

But the ADL User Guide speaks only of

Also, adl_main() in a “Classic”, single-task application takes the InitType as a parameter, but task entry points in a multi-task application take no parameters.

This really needs to be properly explained :exclamation:

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