Code Generation Editor Inconsistent with ADL User Guide

The Task Table gives each Task an ID - there is no mention of this in the ADL User Guide;
The ADL User Guide states that each task must have a distinct Priority - there is no mention of this in the Code Generation Editor or its online help.

The examples all use multiples of 1K (1024) for stack sizes - but the code generator defaults to 3000.
What is the basis for this?
See: viewtopic.php?f=107&t=3618&p=20097#p20097

For a single-task application, the Code Generator creates adl_InitIRQLowLevelStackSize and adl_InitIRQHighLevelStackSize - but shouldn’t these be wm_apmIRQLowLevelStackSize and wm_apmIRQHighLevelStackSize in a single-task app :question:

The code generator will not create the correct adl_main entry point for a single-task application
Again, see:

This is a facility provided by Developer Studio, reusable in the application code to reference tasks (as required in some ADL APIs, like adl_ctxGetState or others)

Code generation editor automatically manages priorities from the table lines order, as shown if you take a look to the generated code.

Nothing particular; we will take care to change to 3KB in next release.

Same thing, cf. adl_AppliInit.h

#define wm_apmIRQLowLevelStackSize adl_InitIRQLowLevelStackSize
#define wm_apmIRQHighLevelStackSize adl_InitIRQHighLevelStackSize

When you are using single-task applications, there are no differences between using adl_main or a task table with only one line. (Actually, when you don’t define the task table, ADL implicitely defines one which references adl_main)