Adl_task vs application main task


In: Location Plug-in Development guide

I find this:

const adl_InitTasks_t adl_InitTasks [] =
{ adl_task, (20*1024) , "ADL" , 5 },
{ Task_GPS_COM, GPS_COM_STACK_SIZE , "GPS1" , 4 },
{ <customer application main task, <cutomer app task size , <task label> , 2 },
{ 0, 0, 0, 0 }

In an example there is a definition for both “adl_task” and the “customer application main task”.
So if i can code in both definitions, whats the difference? The customer app main task seems to be the place where I should kick off my program, but what is the adl_task then?


If you are using the Internet plug-in with the location plug-in, you must make sure that all bearer related functions are done in the highest priority task (i.e. adl_task, but you can all it anything so long as it is first in the list :slight_smile: ). Apart from handling the bearer, i think there are some backgound adl processes running on the highest thread, but I’m not sure.


Is there an example of the combinaton of the internet and location plugins?


Not that I know of.