OS no multitasking in Target build


I’ve defined adl_InitTasks [] table to contain entries about multiple tasks (ie. two, priority 1 and 2 respectively). Now in each task body i’m only calling: adl_atSendResponse ( ADL_AT_UNS, “\r\nTASKn STARTED\r\n” ); .
I’m wondering why this happen: In RTE build all messages are received by UART1 connected terminal. In Target built no data is received.
Then, I’ve commented out adl_InitTasks [] , and one task’s body copied into newly defined adl_main() function body. In both builds text was displayed.

Using Open AT Software Suite v2.02.


Hi, i have the same problem with fastrack supreme . I’m running UART access sample program, task definition table looks like :
const adl_InitTasks_t adl_InitTasks [] =
{ mtInit, 4096, “MainTask”, 2 },
{ stInit, 4096, “SecondTask”, 1 },
{ NULL, 0, NULL, 0 }
When runing on Wireless CPU module, i’ see only message from main task body. Second task does not starting anyway.
Did you solve this issue?


it is all about UART_access sample (from \OpenAT\OS\6.20.04\ADL\samples\UART_access
stInit (second task) does not start at all.

AT+WDU=1,“UART1”,115200 command causes unit restart.