Modem Crashes in wipssl_crypto example

I’m using OpenAT OS package 6.35. on a FXT002

I’ve created a new project using the wipssl_crypto example and compiled it without changing anything. There are numerous warnings but most of them are signedness problems with char array arguments or unused variables. There is one warning on the ngcDSA_GenerateKey because the ngdsa.h header doesn’t have this but it does have a ngcDSA_GenKey. If I change the line to ngsa_GenKey the linker can’t find the symbol.

After downloading and running, It outputs “DSA test” and then the FXT002 reboots.

After further investigation the call to ngcDSA_GenerateKey seems to work but it dies on ngcDSA_Verify.

Ok… fixed by changing line 60 of appli.c from




SiWi really do need to supply some proper documentation on how to determine the Stack Sizes - see: