Unable to register to selima


I have made small project with this trial openAt version(standard API )
Project has cca 100 warnings :slight_smile:, but compile was success.

When i try to run release part of this project i get remote task env. running but it drops error message: unable to connect to selima. I guess that this is normal, becuse it is standard and not ADL.

Is there a way to run project compiled as standard API on the PC ?
Of course, if this is some simple text based project.


What are they?
What is a “cca 100” warning?

I think “Selima” is the name for the Target Monitoring Tool.

Do you have the Target Monitoring Tool running?

I don’t think so - I think Remote Mode should work with both Basic (“standard”?) and ADL?

See above.

Why do you specifically want to use the Basic (“standard”?) API, rather than ADL?
Note that Wavecom recommend the Basic API for experts only…

See: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … ight=basic


This is the hello world compiled on vc++.net 2003. I have put just few warnings.


This is now compiled thru ADL. Why i have used basic API… well just becuse i was thinking that “basic” == simple.

When i go to release dir and when i click on exe file, remote task env. starts and throws error “unable to connect to selima”.