Visual Studio Linker Warning LNK4070

Wavecom broke something in their build scripts for Open-AT v3.12 that causes every RTE build under Visusal Studio to give a LNK4070 Linker Warning; eg, see

This has continued in all the subsequent SDK releases: 3.19, 4.21, 4.24, 5.00 :angry:

Have Wavecom really not noticed yet?! :open_mouth:
Or is this a ploy to get us off VS and onto Eclipse?

The RTE builds still seem to work - but it’s annoying that every single build always has this warning! :angry:

Is there a fix?

OK, done a bit of digging and the problem seems to lie in the [b]OpenAT[/b][b]\OS[/b]<os-version\bin\export.def file:

If I remove the OATAPP, the project builds cleanly with no warnings - but I haven’t tested yet to see if it works OK… :open_mouth:

From the VS online help, it seems resonable to remove it, as the Library name is already being specified elsewhere - which is the cause of the warning!

Can anyone else confirm if this is safe??

The linker says, it ignores the directive, so it should not cause a problem if you remove it. Yes, the libary name is already specified in the “properties->linker->general” settings and the two are not the same that causes the warning. It is strange, that it has been unnoticed so far.