Unable to ping xr80 modem ota

I want to deploy an xr80 modem in the field for its 5g capabilities. I am unable to ping the modem ota. I pulled the sim card out a rv50x and it worked fine. i can’t find any documentation on this thing to figure out where the setting is? do i need to setup a firewall rule in the modem?

any help would be appreciated.

Hi @jfarrah ,
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According to your description, are you trying to ping to the Airlink XR80 using the cellular interface?

You removed the working SIM card from the Airlink RV50X and then plugged it into the Airlink XR80, have you checked the network status after plugging it in? is it the same as when it works fine on the Airlink RV50X?

As far as I know, to ping to AirLink XR80 using cellular interface, you need to have SIM card with public static IP address.