Unable to boot into application

Hi all,

I have a board which was resetting constantly.
Here were the symptoms: The led would blink for a second, then off for about 8 seconds, then repeat. This would happen about 4 or 5 times and then not blink again unless I power cycled.
I’m assuming it enters into its recovery mode and hence why it was not resetting anymore.

I was unable to send any commands to the Unit on UART1 and could not connect to it in developer studio.
I did manage to connect to it with DWLWIN and I erased the application and objects. I then reloaded the same application and ran it… it then worked fine again.
Is it possible the application got corrupt? If so, how is this possible?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts


What unit is this? I presume since you are using DWLWin it is either an SL6, or Q268x? Also what firmware is the unit running?

It is unlikely the OAT application has become corrupt (I have seen this very seldom). Also when the unit enters recovery mode the UART will still respond to a limited set of AT commands (literally AT and AT+WDWL) so it does not sound like it entered this mode.

If you get the backtraces out of the unit (through dev studio when you are able to connect to it again) then it might be a stating point to figure out where the issue lay. When the unit experiences an exception it intercepts the ARM interrupt and writes the memory location of the offending code to flash and then reboots the unit. Obviously with the address you can located whether it is in the firmware or in the application. If in the firmware you need to feed that back into your tech support to try to see if SW can pin it down to a known problem, if in the application you will have the axf file and will be able to see in your own code where the issue ended up (might not be the root cause).



Hi Matt,

My apologies for such a late response, I’ve just seen this now. Possible I didn’t check the notify checkbox.
I unfortunately won’t have access to this unit anymore, but I will keep this in mind if I see this on a unit again. This was a SL6087 running R7.47.4 that this happened on. This the only occurrence of this I’ve seen (and hopefully the only).