Unable to apply GX440 template through ALMS

I receive the following error when attempting to apply a template our GX440 gateways; all gateways’ firmware version is ALEOS GX440 (

“failed to write data on the system [MSCI Error: 1 1175 msci MSCI Error: 1 10451 msci]”

Any documentation available on MSCI error codes? Impossible to find any information by Googling.

I have an open request with our Sierra distributor, Tessco, but their support group’s turnaround time is abysmal and requests often take several weeks to resolve.

Hi Devin,
1175 and 10451 are the ID of the parameters that are defined in a template.
“id”:“1175”,“elementType”:“variable”,“label”:“ACEmanager Access - Wi-Fi”,“description”:“Wi-Fi ACEmanager Access”,
“id”:“10451”,“elementType”:“setting”,“label”:“Wi-Fi Mode”,“description”:“Wi-Fi Mode”,

So there are some mismatches about setting on the template on ALMS and your device. Please make sure that your device has the wifi option or not. If not, please don’t setting these parameter on the ALMS template.



Trying this now – how do I match the ID’s found in MSCI error messages to template parameters or modem settings?

Our fleet is half-WiFi and half without, so this is likely the fix.

Edit: I see the ID’s in your screenshot; will report back on result.

Jerdung – thank you so much for this information, the above fixed my problem and allowed me to deploy the needed templates.

I love that the community forums are quicker to respond than Sierra’s support contractors.

Thanks again, Jerdung – I greatly appreciate the help.

You are welcome, Devin.
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