Can't apply template through AVMS

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to apply a template to a GX440 (ALEOS 4.3.6) gateway through the AVMS portal. The gateways are reporting into and communicating with the portal as expected. I’ve been able to apply templates in the past, and I don’t know what is different this time, other than it being a different template.

The situation is after I get a template configured and apply it, after a while it fails and gives me the following string under the details:

“failed to write data on the system [MSCI Error: 2 10288 msci]”

Anyone ever come across that and can tell me what it means? If you did and were able to resolve it, what was the fix?


The Error 2 in the MSCI protocol means : A write request included a MSCI ID for an element which is read-only
And the MSCI ID that causes issue is: Reset Mode of the Reset to Factory Defaults

This setting cannot be changed over the air as if you select to erase all parameters including the ones for attaching to the cellular network, you may end up in having your gateway unable to communicate in the field.