Trying to connect FX30 to Ubuntu 20

I’m trying to connect my FX30 S to a system with Ubuntu 20.04 (server edition). I have installed legato application framework in this system and made my app.

When I connect the device to my PC, the following interfaces come up in addition to whatever was there already :

  • enx00143e29e83c
  • wwan0

I’m expecting to see usb0 and wwan0.

I have seen the same issue with Ubuntu VM as well.

When I connect the device to a Windows PC, the interface is automatically detected and I’m able to SSH into the device at

But in the case of Ubuntu (Host or VM), even if I assign an IP manually to the new interface, I’m not able to connect to

A few years back, I was able to successfully do these steps with Ubuntu 16, but at present, I don’t have that setup. What am I missing? Is there any driver support to be added?

I have already tried removing the modem manager.

you need to check in dmesg and see if the USB ECM interface is really wwan0…

BTW, the module’s IP address in USB ECM should be