FX30 USB interface problem

Hello all,

I am following the instructions to get start with FX30 as an IoT Gateway and I am facing a problem to connect to the Linux kernel over the USB. When I plug the board to my Ubuntu host computer, it generates a connection and I get an IP address, but in few seconds this conection is lost, sometimes I have time to connect using:

ssh root@

Anybody has faced this problem too.

Thank you so much

Gustavo Carlos

Hi Gustavo,
Do you know what version is running on the device?
Is this a brand new device or have you previously loaded other versions or types (ie WP85 stock) of software?

The USB network adapter should be stable. Perhaps try another USB cable?


Hi Chris,

Thank you for the answer, but the problem was in the host side in the modem manager. So removing it it worked.

sudo apt-get remove modemmanager

I am using ubuntu 16.04