Trying DOTA in Q2687

Hi to all!!, im trying to do DOTA in my CPU but it doesnt work. Im running the sample of the m2m.

First question: whats FTP: means??.

I loaded a .dwl file in a website,, in he PATH field ehat i have to write?.

Im new in this, sorry for my ingorance.

Thank you for advance.

What sample, precisely?

M2MStudio comes with many examples - which one, specifically, are you talking about?

I think it might be more appropriate to start with something simpler before diving into advanced projects like DOTA :question: :open_mouth:

Thank so much for reply!.

Im using the sample called “DOTA_example”.

Im trying to download a file called “HelloWorld.dwl” and i saved it in a website called, in a folder called “pepe”.

The sample said that you have to send a message once you get conected (so far so good). In this sms message i va to put:

" AT+CMGS=phoneNumber[CR]FTP:;FILE=arm_Goodbye_World_H.wpb.dwl;PATH=./OATAPP/;USERNAME=Username;PASSWORD=Password;[ctrlZ]

what its SERV?.
im not sure if the Path i wrote is ok.

Please help me. Thank you so much.

Well, the readme.html for that sample says that they are the FTP parameters.

So, given that the application is the FTP Client, what do you think that “Serv” might be short for… :question:

And what might be represented by four goups of characters, separated by dots… :question:

:laughing: I know, Ip addres!!, thanks for the reply!. But it doesnt seem to work. :unamused: .


Well, there’s part of your problem.

A website (web server) is NOT equivalent to a a FTP server. The FTP protocol (used for file transfer) is quite different to the HTTP protocol (used to deliver web pages).

Unless you’ve got a FTP server running at your hosted domain, you’re not going to get past first base. Investigate your hosting setup, and try manually downloading the file using a FTP client (like the command line FTP client - ftp - in Windows, or one of the many GUI based clients).

Once you can manually download the file using FTP, then you can determine the parameters required for the DOTA FTP process.

ciao, Dave

Its working!!, thank you so much for your reply!!.