DOTA Problem

Hi everybody,

I am trying to use Application_Download Sample on q2406B while running in target mode as well as remote mode I made all possible connetivity
like GPRS ,FTP,CGATT with commands like AT+IPGPRS,AT+IPFTP
after that I send comand AT+DWLSTART=1,AT+USEIP=1
and then after I send AT+APPDWL=1,1,“name of .dwlfile”,“ip of ftp”,“root diretory”
after this it shows response as “Installing Application” but suddenly it shows another response as “Download Error”.
So please if any already use dota or have sample code for dota then please try to send me.

Hi Pramod,
Please use the TMT tool and enable all the CUS4 level of traces. Using the traces, you can find out the cause of the problem. Also please verify if the applicaiton you are downloading from the FTP server is compatible with the version of core AT software that you are using.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.