Download error


I am using Q2406B and testing the sample Application_Download.

I can manage to execute the program and FTP sample applications ‘Telemetry’ and ‘Hello_Word’ from the FTP server. However, after the module reboot, it prompted ‘Download error’ and the downloaded applications were not installed.

I wonder if it is because the sample applications will replace the Application_Download in the memory so that it refuse to install them?

What I actually what is to add a new application to the module, while keeping the Application_Download in the module for future application update.

Can anyone give me some hints? Can I just make use of the Application_Download or I have to write my own DOTA and multiapp routines?

Many thanks indeed.



I think this first thing is to use the newest version of OpenAT and firmware. According to release there are alwyas some fixes related to DOTA.

If you are using Q2406B/OATV3.0x the newest version is firmware V6.52a and OAT ver 3.04