TMT and EEPROM backtraces


Newbie help required. I have a reboot crash in my logger app. Usually after a “recompact”. The back trace in the EEPROM that I can read from TMT says;
"Trace 1 Current OAT Task index : 2
Trace 1 ARM Data Abort caught at 00271AC2, Current Task 0x1F by CP15 "
Can you give some clues to translate this?
OK, ARM Data Abort is a mem access error. 0x271AC2 is the program address that was trying to do the access. I’ve cross checked with my MAP file and I see
0x00271980 wipint_sockInit
0x00271ec8 wip_getState
Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Oh, yes, and what’s this task 0x1F? I have tasks 1,2& 3 running, is this a firmware one?


Anyone having any luck deciphering the EEPROM back traces?