Backtraces to monitor exceptions

I’m using OAT 3.02, OS 6.51, Target and Remote mode.

I read on wavecom’s documentation that you can use TMT to get the name of the C function that causes a crash.

This information is suppousedly returned by the TMT menu: Commands, Get Debug Info, Request EEPROM Logged Errors
When consulting this option I get the ARM expections with their respective Address but I don’t get the C function name.

I am loading my project’s TMT workspace, and according to the documentation, on TMT’s settings a Backtrace file must be specified to obtain the C function name causing an exception. I only found a .zip file on my /out/tmt directory containig a pair of ini files and the ‘s’ file that refers to the RAM symbols (this feature by the way works fine) but I don’t see any .axf file wich I assume is the Backtrace file, how can I generate this file ?. This Backtrace option is available both on Remote and Debug mode ?

Thanks in advance.

anyone ?
I see the axf is read from the .zip but still I don’t see information on TRACES other than “can’t fins the string… etc etc”

Wavecom’s lack of support on RTK, ARM exceptions and Tracing information is beyond words…