Problem whit Backtraces



I´m using a Q2687.

I’m trying to read the backtraces in m2m studio because I have an exception in my code, but when the exception occurs appears this trace:

2011/09/15;17:44:01:731;003;RTK;1;Except RTK ....191 0 0
2011/09/15;17:44:01:746;001;RTK;1;================== RTK STATUS start ==================
2011/09/15;17:44:01:762;001;RTK;1;================== RTK STATUS end ==================
2011/09/15;17:44:01:793;001;SYS;1;Error not enough space to store the error in flash memory
2011/09/15;17:44:01:793;002;SYS;1;Use Erase EEPROM Logged error in TMT interface

I erased the EEPROM in TMT interface, but still happening.
In the Open AT aplication, I´m using the flash memory to store some parameters.
I must reserve memory for the backtraces?, How?



Please can you elaborate on the versions you’re using? (Developer Studio, Firmware).
You’re not supposed to do anything particular to enable backtraces storage in the module’s memory.
In DS, go to the Backtraces view, provide your application’s AXF file (the same that was running at crash time), and launch backtraces decoding. If you still have troubles, try to clear the memory from the DS interface, and reproduce the crash.