backtrace retrieval gets stuck


I cannot retrieve any backtrace… Therefore I do not know what causes a reset on the module and cannot fix the problem rendering the firmware (and support on the firmware) useless!

I am experiencing similiar symptoms to:

The only time I can actually retrieve a backtrace is when it is empty. As soon as there is data in the backtrace the process never returns. I left it overnight and when I checked this morning there was zero progress.

I used code to retrieve and save the backtrace - when I try to open the file I get the same problem.

When will this bug be fixed? How to view a backtrace then??


Are you using DS 2.0.0?
A couple of bug fixes were integrated on backtraces decoding since 1.2.0 (that the post you’re quoting is referring to…)


I am using:
Developer Studio 2.0.0
Build Version


Please can you reproduce the issue, and zip here your workspace log (.log file located in your .metadata directory)?



We’re experiencing the same issue. Environment:

Embedded Module: SL Series (SL6087)
Firmware: R7.45.0.201102220653
Open AT OS Package:
Open AT Embedded Software Suite Package:
Developer Studio:


[We run tests causing the device to run out of memory - traces reveal:]

11/08/10,16:09:10:78 - 001;ADL;1;ADL Get memory error…
11/08/10,16:09:10:86 - 001;RTK;1;================== RTK STATUS start ==================
11/08/10,16:09:10:89 - 001;RTK;1;================== RTK STATUS end ==================

[We try to fetch backtraces - retrieval gets stuck on 10% and another get memory error appears in the traces. The retrieval step cannot be cancelled - a restart of the IDE is required]

11/08/10,16:09:25:300 - 001;ADL;1;ADL Get memory error…

There are no errors in the .log file for M2MStudio at this point. (attached it anyway)

We have successfully run the sample application and were able to retrieve backtraces with that.

Our app is 1089400 bytes… if that is of any interest. (1.16 KB)


Thanks for reporting this.
We’ll take a look to enhance backtrace retrieval reliability, and at least make cancel button efficient.