Backtrace problem

How can one display the contents of a remote backtrace (.bin) file using M2M (or any available tool)?

This was achieved in the old OpenAT IDE by using TMT and the Serial Link Manager. Now this is not possible anymore since M2M studio doesn’t generate the
workspace (.wks) file needed by TMT to correctly display the backtrace. What is the use of a remote backtrace (“remote” as in “in the field”) if it can’t be displayed properly? Is there a backtrace file format specification available ?

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Actually, even if M2M Studio doesn’t generate a .wks file, it generates the files which are required for backtraces decoding, and which can be provided to TMT (as M2M Studio is not able to decode backtraces yet…):

  • the backtraces.axf file
  • the .symbols file (to be provided as the former “s” file in TMT)

Just provide these files in the TMT settings (hit F10 key), and then it shall be able to decode backtraces, coming from the target, or read through selima from a .bin file

Any news on when it will gain this ability…?

The method described by daav seems to work, although when decoding the backtrace I only get the following message:

Trace RTK 1 Except RTK …153 14384 11

Nothing else, no stacktrace, nothing.

Is this normal ?

And what exactly does except RTK 153 mean? I looked everywhere for a description of it but couldn’t find any.
I will post a new topic regarding this exception.

Ok, my bad. I managed to decode the backtrace:

Trace RTK 1 Except RTK …153 14384 11
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x00000FDF
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x000D223B
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x000D1F85
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x000CFC23
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x000CFB55
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x000CFACF
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x00000D89
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x000CD907
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x0005B2C1
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x0005B20F
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x0005EE04

I will post a link to the ‘except rtk 153’ topic

The lack of documentation of the Exceptions has been long lamented on this forum: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=2027&p=17972#p17972


Link to the ‘except RTK 153’ topic:


Yes well, I’ll just add one more complaint maybe ‘somebody’ will do something about it.

We can but hope… :confused:

It is part of 1.2.0 scope, with Target Management enhancement.