Replay backtrace in Target Monitoring Tool


I’ve managed to upload the backtrace’s (if any) through the 1k-xmodem protocol. With the examples I’ve found this all goes well. I get some data in a file from the embedded application. When I open the file I can read the string data (description of the error) but not the binary fingerprint.
It kinda looks likes this:

ª+ Error caused by the custom application,,ÒBD7DE60BDA0CC8C2690B0F8Dª'é"'46123é"'...

In the “Tools Manual for Open AT IDE 1.02” I’ve found that we can ‘replay’ the backtrace buffer files. “Open the re-play frames window” it says…
In my version of the Target monitor tool there is no “re-play frames window”

Does anyone has experience with the backtrace-data? How can I get all the data in a readable format?

Many thanx in advance!


Yes, that’s a bit misleading, but look again: the ‘re-play frames’ window is not in the TMT - it’s in the Serial Link Manager!

So, you need to select the correct Workspace in the TMT, then switch to the Serial Link Manager, close the COM port, then you can proceed to open & play the binary log file!

When you play a binary log file from the BUG Sample, you get something like this in the TMT:

1909.529	Trace	RTK	1	Watch dog reset. Tsk 26
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> Unresolved symbol : 0x0001B3B7
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> Unresolved symbol : 0x0004B008
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> Unresolved symbol : 0x0001B349
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> opecCustomerTaskParser : 0x00210743
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> wm_apmAppliParser : 0x00212461
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> EvMachine_handling_event : 0x0021426D
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> Unresolved symbol : 0x00080000
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> adl_atCmdHandler : 0x00212DA5
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> Unresolved symbol : 0x00080000
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> Unresolved symbol : 0x00040000
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> wm_lstFindItem : 0x00211135
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> adlint_atProcessCmdSubscription : 0x00212B13
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> adlint_strGetParameters : 0x0021293D
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> adlint_strIsValidParam : 0x0021283D
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-> wm_lstInsertItem : 0x00211169
1910.542	ADS Bckt	-------> ADS BACK TRACE <-------

Not sure what the timestamps actually relate to here, though…