Interpreting backtraces in M2MStudio


Does M2MStudio support parsing/interpreting the backtraces downloaded from the CPU (e.g. as with the sample “bug” application)? Is there any support for backtraces?

Piotr … Studio_110

under Known limitations & bugs:

Backtraces decoding is not supported

… for the moment.

It’s still in the roadmap to add this feature in the next major release, as part of the big Target Management refactoring.

So another thing that still requires TMT!

I assume it’s not probable… but it would be great if Wavecom documented the format of the backtraces so that anyone could at least write a simple tool for that. And by the way, the same applies for the protocol used to send traces from the CPU…

I’m developing in Linux. I’m not using M2MStudio but just plain arm gcc and Makefiles made up by looking at what M2MStudio does while compiling. So far it was successful. But having the possibility to look at the traces (I do have a logger logging to UART but I’d like to see the firmware traces) and parse backtraces would be great. Without that, I’m not able to see at least the not-always-meaningful exception number if anything goes wrong…

This target management refactoring will include Linux support.
Meanwhile, please note that M2M Studio 1.1.0 build management runs under Linux, even in headless (i.e. command line without GUI) mode.

Thanks for the fast answer. I haven’t tried M2MStudio in headless mode but I suspect that even running it without GUI is much more resource expensive than just simple Makefiles - so that the compile/upload process takes longer.

Anyway, I’ll have to play with the backtraces myself :wink:

Absolutely - that would be great :!: :exclamation:

Yes!! Again :exclamation: :exclamation: