Help tracing "data abort"

Dear All,

I am trying to find issue with my app. Have two tasks: main (16k stack) and i2c (4k stack). The second one crashes randomly and throws exception (no “Except RTK …” debug).

Backtraces (always the same):

I am not using lists there. I do use queues and messages. I am not able to run GDB since I have my own makefiles and DS is kind of stupid with this setup.

Could any one suggest something?

From the backtraces, it seems like some issue in open_list.c file.
may be you are writing something in a memory location which has issues…
Can you check in your application memory allocation and de-allocation are proper.

which module are you using? also which FW version?


HI Rex_Alex,

I managed to overcome the issue. It must have been the adl_memRelease(NULL) or something like that. I put a guard everywhere I could possibly and impossibly do that (mainly at popping data chunks from queues) and - “tadaaa” - exception is gone :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway.