ARM exception information

Hi can someone explain to me what are the 3 hex numbers following an Arm exception on TMT ?
The 1
the 105f7b4
and the a0000 ?

Arm exception 1 105f7b4 a0000

How can I know wich part of my code generated the exception ?


I’ve just had Arm exception 1 1082984 900

I found the following FAQ entry:

Unfortunately, that doesn’t match the actual format of the message we’ve seen! :angry:

The Basic Development Guide only mentions the same format :angry: :angry:

So what do the parameters actually mean?? :unamused:

The Basic Development Guide adds:

[Ref 1] is the Tools Manual

I think this question can be answered by wavecom only — but I’m waiting for three months for an answer now :frowning:

Best regards