TMT and Diagnose Level Tooltips

Hi everybody,

I was looking to understand what every bitmap trace level means but, I don’t know why, I do not have the tooltips on it: the only tooltips that I have is a “Help does not exist”.
I tried to solve the problem but the TMT help manual doesn’t explain too much, even through the “Setting --> Paths” part of the same manual.

Does anybody know hot to get working those tooltips inside the TMT?
“DiagnoseTips.ini” file is located in the “.\Config” folder, where there are other two files: “MokaWatches.ini” and “RemoteDefs.ini”. I checked and the “RemoteDefs.ini” is working.
Why in the help manual they are talking about a compressed zip file that I’m unable to find? May solve it the problem? (I don’t think so).

Please help me.