Unable to find the string ... TMT


Can someone explain to me what does TMT means when it says:

Unable to find the stringof the remote trace in the file (ID = xxxxx)




ID=xxxxx is a code of an explanation string from a local dictionary file. I think so…
But, where can we get this dictionary? Or how’re we can setting up TMT for use it?



I’m interested on the answer to this question too.


Have this message all the time when I use TRACE macro with %s format specifier. Bug?


Hi Everybody
TMT (target monitoring tool) was developed for wavecom to do debugging
on the ARM processor.
Because our openAT application is also running on the same processor we also have access to this tool (TMT) so we can use the CUS4 traces only for our own traces.
The rest of the info is encrypted for wavecom only and not of any interest to us (unless you want to know the interaction between the module and the network)
Even if you had the proper workspace for your software, you still would not know what the responses mean because only the person that created the traces would be able to understand them.

Best regards