Is it possible to have the TMT archive file?

In order to uncover a possible error in my application, I need to know what does the traces other than CUS are meaning in the TMT, because I am flooded by error messages that only say “unable to find the string in the remote trace file”. Is it possible to have the archive that contains the string messages in TMT? I have been long wondering how I can have it. (I saw a post that the messages other than CUS are not relevant for the developer, but I just need to know at least which part of the application the message is related to in order to address a possible error in my hardware implementation)

Here is what bothers me currently: … php?t=1483

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I couldn’t solve my problem, and I think I will understand its source if I had the remtrace.csv file for the Terminal Monitoring Tool version If anybody could send it to me, or paste it as a message, it would be really appreciated. I can’t debug… :frowning: