TMconsole - terminal in development studio

I made simple gateway between UART1 and GPRS.

In developer studio I choose console to send some data to GPRS and vice versa from GPRS to UART1 on my console,. (TCP connection is establish to server over GPRS)

But seems that I cannot send any data from console to GPRS. Looks like there is no data mode… How to enable data mode in console in development studio?
This application is working fine in release mode when I use Hypertrminal or Tera Term.
But unfortunately now in Developer studio.

See attachment

Is there possibility to set up TMConsole in Developer studio to send and received data in datamode?


Developer studio can not be used for data mode.There is not any data window to send or receive data.

TMT(Target Monitoring Tool)can be used for the same.It has seperate AT and data windows.


We have been wondering for a long time about porting the “data” view on Developer Studio, and we couldn’t imagine any real use case (except for some instant debugging…)
Indeed, most of times, the data flow will need to be directed to either an application, or another device aiming to be driven by the Open AT application.
If you put DS as a client of this data flow, you won’t be able to see the exchanges made with this other application/device…
One more argument is that data flows can indeed be multiplexed with traces and AT commands on the same port when you use the ADL FCM service, but it is not compatible with the “Open Device” API, which is more powerful to get full and hard real-time access to the UART.

So what we think is that the good configuration should be:

  • dedicate a target port to debugging (ideally the pure USB port; strongly recommended for data rate & reliability when compared to serial/USB converters)
  • and dedicate other target port(s) to data exchanges with the other applications/devices

Doing the same, you’ll be able to address most of the use cases.
With DS 2.2.1, you can’t setup a connection with a device on a port with doesn’t handle AT commands, so you’ll need an external terminal program.
But with incoming new DS release, we’ve added a mode where you can simply open a “raw” connection, and exchange data in the TM console (so you won’t need a external program anymore to do basic string exchanges…)
It will remain the same TM console, so maybe not perfectly adapted to all “raw data” use cases (e.g. it only display characters in ASCII, and it handles only “command style” data emission, i.e. you need to validate any string output with the enter key before it is completely sent), but we expect it to be a good starting point, to let the community identify which feature is missing to address data use cases…

On the contrary!

The old TMT allowed this - it could be placed “in-line” between the Wavecom device and the external application…

See: add a UART port - #4 by awneil

How to stop WIND & CREG indications on Terminal Emulator? - #4 by awneil - although the forum seems to have lost the pictures :frowning:

Indeed, but one again, this is only compatible with the FCM service…
And anyhow, multiplexing data and debug stuff on the same port is far more intrusive in the application behavior than dealing with debug on one port, and with data on another port. Obviously, this supposes that you had a though to let a debug port free in your hardware design.

True, but it’s adequate in many cases - and better than nothing :exclamation:

Often, both UARTs are required by the application; eg, 1 for GPS and the other for the external “application” - so it’s not just a matter of “thought”; it’s a firm design/hardware constraint.

Populating a USB connection just for debug is generally not practical.

:bulb: It would be useful to be able to put out the debug on a non-UART (and non-USB) port - such as SPI

Thanks for reply.

TMT is included inside Developer Studio.

AFAIR in Wavecom_Open_AT_Software_Suite_v2.20 in TMT I could make such “data” view mode.

Anyway, I could understand that TRACES and data mode running at the same time on UART1 can produce some problems. Then I will try to set up data view on USB port.

Is there some guide how to setup USB port on Development Kit Q26 for debbuging?

I am testing UART to GPRS gatway, and in Developer studio my traces are hanging probably when data are exchange between TCP server and TMconsole in Developer Studio.


There is no special setup for debugging - it “just works” exactly like UART1 and UART2…

But don’t you need to set up in code something like this for UART2:

s8 returned_value = adl_atCmdCreate ("AT+WMFM=0,1,2\r", FALSE, (adl_atRspHandler_t) HandleWmfmUART2,"*",NULL);

I tried UART2 to redirect data from GPRS, and I got traces:


Is that normal?

There is no specific set up for general debug traces.

Of course, the USB (or any other UART) has to be enabled. Earlier firmware versions disabled USB by default, but it has been enabled by default for the last couple of years: FAQ forum/wiki? - #18 by awneil

If you’re using WIP Traces, there is an initialisation step to set their destination port.