Serial to GPRS Gateway

Hi all,
I’m a newbie. I’m using 2406B. Now I just want to create a box like “serial to GPRS Gateway”. So I just want to forward anything goes trough UART to “my server with a Public IP” via GPRS line.

From the documentation I read, I can’t use the AT Command. So I planned to create the application by my self. I’ve downloaded the SDK, and also try some scripts. I’ve found some examples also to create a TCP/IP connection. But I can’t found how to receive the data from UART and forward it to the TCP server.

Any suggestion?

Read the section titled FCM Service in the ADL User Guide.

FCM is the Flow Control Manager.
In this context, “Flow Control” means the flow of serial data - it has nothing to do with “flow control” in the normal sense of RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF, etc…

Hi All,
I have similar situation,
my Sierra Wireless modem (FW_SRC_743_6.Q2687RDG, R7.43.0.201003261552.FXT009) connected to serial, and I want to forward all incoming data from GPRS to serial port, and vice-versa.

I already success with GPRS connection (using WIP library) with this step :

  1. open bearer
  2. set bearer option
  3. start bearer (wait for event WIP_BEV_IP_CONNECTED)
  4. create TCP client (use for transmit & receive data)

I subscribe to FCM service (ADL_FCM_FLOW_GPRS) but still can’t watch my incoming data from GPRS.
Am I need to buffer the GPRS data with “fcm_data_handler” (that defined when subscribe to FCM) then show the data?

Please let me know if my step incorrect.
thx in advance.

Note that I said that in reply to your question on how to get data from the UART.

What were you expecting to see?

What does the the section titled “FCM Service” in the ADL User Guide tell you about the nature of the GPRS “flow”… :question:

this is it :

and this :

Thx awneil, now I have better understanding about what I must do to get serial to gprs gateway.

When Systems Start.

  1. prepare GPRS communication :
  • Open Bearer, Set Bearer Opts, Start Bearer.
  • Create Tcp connection : I choose to create tcp client in my case.
  1. prepare communication with UART :
    • Subscribe to FCM service, switch to data mode.

When data coming from GPRS / tcp connection :

  1. wait for WIP_CEV_READ event
  2. read data with wip_read and store to buffer.
  3. send buffer to FCM (still in data mode).

When data coming from UART :

  1. buffering data from fcm_data_handler until end of data (eg: terminate char is ‘~’)
  2. send data to GPRS / tcp connection : wip_write

Please CMIIW.

Thx in advance.

I must do something very similar and it’s my first time on these modems. Is it possible to have an example?
Moreover, my client has some tens of Wavecom modems (6.63 kernel) and I think that is quite hard to upgrade kernel. But now module downloading takes about 10 minutes. Would I resolve this problem upgrading firmware.