Serial link communication

I want to send a message to another device connected to the serial link. Is there any simple application to do that? It could be the perfect way to learn.

I think that FCM Flow has to be openned, so I have to use ‘adl_fcmSubscribe’ funciton, but I am not sure about what really V24_UART1 and UART2 are.

On the other hand, is ‘adl_fcmSendData’ the right instruction to send something?
And what is the one for reading what I receive from the serial link?

If I am going to receive something from the serial link, must the FCM Flow be openned all the time? Or, the ‘adl_fcmUnsubscribe’ function must be used.

Thanks a lot.

I’m doing the same application. You can see some answered question on the previus thread (“Null character on Rs232”).

About adl_fcmUnsubscribe I don’t know beacause I have the same problem. I
I open communication typing:

V24handle = adl_fcmSubscribe(ADL_FCM_FLOW_V24_UART1,FCM_V24_ctrl_Handler, FCM_V24_data_Handler);

but when the embedded application is started, it not accepted AT command.


The “Flow” can be either in AT-Command mode, or in Data mode.

If you want to accept AT commands, you will need to switch to AT-Command mode…

You could use the +++ escape sequence…

you mean Flow when both units are connected?
this is very advanced lvl for me.
i wish to know more about it, also i wish if somebody has the source code of the IP Stack for gprs connection, or where do i have to read to be expert at this.
I like it very much, but i cant find any tutorial or books or something to learn more.

Thanks very much.