The modem is picking the wcdma instead of LTE

The modem integrated in the router is picking up the wcdma instead of LTE.
I see the firmware version is up to date. Signal strength is good and everything looks fine.
I don’t want these modems to switch to wcdma, it should always pick the 4g lte no matter if this supports 3g or 2g which is of no use. I have more than 20 routers which has same issue and cannot manually reset them.
I want the Modem manager to monitor this and automatically switch to 4glte whenever signal is good.
Now the modem is either saying ‘registered’ or ‘connecting’ and never says ‘connected’. My client is really unhappy with this and I am trying to understand what is happening. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

what module are you using?
you can use AT!SELRAT to set to LTE only.

Product : Sierra wireless EM7455 Qualcomm\xffffffc2\xfffffffae Snapdragon\xffffffe2\xffffff84\xffffffa2 X7 LTE-A

Embedded into Router

I can provide all required logs, but need this to be permanently fixed and don’t want these modems to
switch back to wcdma.

you can use AT!SELRAT to set to LTE only.

It is not recognising that command.

What does it return for the followings?


it says bash: !entercnd=“A710”: event not found

You should enter it in AT command channel

The output for at!gstaus? status says ECM : deregistered and picking wcdma.
The above command said : failed

are you entering them in AT command channel