Temp sensor on FX30

I looking for a basic solution to add a temperature sensor on a FX30 Octave.
Thank you


So there is a temperature sensor on the unit. Below is the terminal readout

root@fx30s:~# cm temp
Power Amplifier temperature:   16
Power Controller temperature:  16

And here is the AT command.

Current Time:  200              Temperature: 16
Modem Mitigate Level: 0         ModemProc Mitigate Level: 0
Reset Counter: 1                Mode:        ONLINE
System mode:   CDMA             PS state:    Not attached


This was done on an FX30 LPWA.



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Hi @romuald

Are you wanting to add an external temperature sensor? Does the interface matter to you?

The FX30 and FX30S can already support a sensor which outputs an analog voltage, such as the Analog Devices TMP36. The FX30S can also support a sensor with a Modbus interface.

Sensors with other interfaces, such as Dallas 1-wire or I2C are not natively supported by Octave. These would require building a custom application.


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