Octave and a J1939 TPMS receiver (FX30s)

Hello there,
We are about to design a system for tracking truck trailers while monitoring certain sensors via Modbus. That seems quite straightforward to accomplish with Octave.
However, we would also like to monitor the tire pressures of the trailer using an off the shelf TPMS receiver. The one that I have currently found communicates via CAN J1939, Tyrepal J1939 TPM. It seems that Octave only supports CANopen which to my knowledge won’t help with J1939. Is it possible to get the readings into Octave somehow? Alternatively we should use an RS232 version but that would also stop us from adding other CAN devices.

I hope you can help, thanks. :slight_smile:

Hello Jes,

I am very familiar with the TPMS sensors you are inquiring about. Currently, Octaves device only support the CANOpen protocol and not the J1939 protocol. There are J1939 to CANOpen gateways on the market but you should asses them to see if they support the TPMS solution you are using.

Hi David,
Thanks for your insight. Is there a chance that Octave will support J1939 in the somewhat near future? I guess Tyrepal’s RS232 version combined with an RS232 IoT-card is the most practical way as long as we do not need other CAN-devices. Decoding the data using the universal serial parser for Octave may be doable.
In a broader sense, can you tell me what the options of running custom C code are on the Octave images for the FX30? And the possibilities of interfacing with Octave. I have not had any luck finding any documentation of this, or at least I have not understood what I was reading then. :smiley:

Hello Jes,

I don’t see raw J1939 support in the Sierra Wireless roadmap for now. But, I would suspect that at some point, a J1939 IoT Interface card would be developed by a vendor first and that IoT card would be incorporated into the Octave offering.

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