TCP/IP Addon documentation


Were can I find any documentation about using TCP/IP library functions?
Ther is nothing about it on CD from Development KIT! Maybe there are some trainings or basic examles of using FTP and SMTP API for Wismo 26xx?
At least, there is no description of this library.


After installing, mine’s in OpenAT\OtherLibs\TCPIP\v3.03\doc


I have no such path. My TCPIP library is in
and there is no .doc or .pdf or any documentation files :angry:
My OpenAT is from Development KIT CD for Wismo 2686.
Wawecom did not put any documentation there!
I fogot: my TCPIP library version is 3.10.


Check the appropriate ‘Tools Manual’ for your specific version…


Check the appropriate ‘Tools Manual’ for your specific version…

OpenAT ver 4.00 has another directory structure. There is no catalog
\OpenAT\OtherLibs. I found .lib; .h files of TCP/IP addon
but no docs!


Why not just go to your OpenAT folder and search all subfolders for *.pdf?

If it’s still not there, you’ll have to contact your Wavecom supplier…


Of couse tryed to find pdf’s myself first of all! Nothing about TCP/IP!
If You have such pdf’s, can You put them of FTP of send by e-mail, please!
my mail: