Q2501BIP Don't find TCPIP libs in lastest OpenAT


I’m downloaded lastest wersion of OpenAT from Wavecom site.
After installing i’m not find TCP/IP library and doc.
Only find one sample gprs_ping …
That’s all what i’m find about TCP IP.

Where i can d/l lastest wersion of TCP/IP libraries ?

I’m use Q2501BIP.

Regards, Alexander.

In my case I had to request it from the distri. but its usually in the Firmware documentation,

which version did you download?

for V304

for V310
C:\OpenAT\V310\TgtGen\Add-ons\TCPIP (you should be using this one)

for V311.b03
not available yet

for V410.b01

if you downloaded the one that says “CD-ROM Image (WARNING: 210 MB)” then you downloaded OPENATV400 and this one does not have IP libraries
you must download the V310 on this link OPENAT V310