Hi guys,

I’m using Wismo Q2406B and OpenAT 3.03. Can anybody tell me that, how I can include gcc_eDLib_303.lib Library in my project. I have tied with “wmnew script additional options: -otherlib TCPIP/v3.03”, but doesn’t work.

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that’s strage… it should be straight forward. what you can do is make sure that path u r specifying in the additional option is correct. For me, i had to specify -otherlib TCPIP/v3.00 even when I had OpenAT 3.01


hi guys…

Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to use open-at 3.02 to program q2400A module.

Because when i program in RTE mode it is giving ARM exception Error. And the field engineer told me that the module Q2400A doesn’t support version 3.02. Seems u guys worked in Q24XXA …Have u experienced any problems like this…

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Hi Purushothaman.R,

how did you conclude this? The only thing I read about modules in their posts is:

Concerning your question, I don’t know an answer. But I don’t think that full featured TCP/IP will work with the “A” type modules.

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