Transfer programs M1306B to Q2686 -OpenAT V2.10 to 4.00

I developped an Open AT V2.10 application with Cygwin.
And I downloaded;

1- ftr_open_gprs_both.dwl 204 bytes
2- ftr_ip.dwl 193 bytes
3- eDSoft_W302_V210.dwl 116686 bytes
4- gprsrtd.dwl (my program) 142854 bytes

to M1306B Gprs Modem and it works, perfect.

And then, I bought Wismo Quick Development board
with Q2686 modules.
I converted the same application to Open AT V4.00
with Cygwin and minor differences like below;

ed_SocketSetConfig( &Socket ); Open AT V2.10
ed_SocketSetConfig( ED_ID_TCPSOCKET_1, &Socket ); Open AT V4.00

Now, what files must I download into Q2686 module?

You should be aware of the fact that on Q2686 only SDK 4.00 actually have the eD-soft TCP/IP library…
You may want to move towards the new WIP instead that is there on newer versions…

I don’t know if Wavecom even ships any Q2686 with the older SDK now…