Tasks Status


Im using Developer studio Build Version
I’m trying to view the “Tasks Status” in Target Management to see the modem’s stack usage. The information never loads though.
Is this a known issue in this version of developer studio, or is there something else i must configure before using this?


Please can you elaborate on what module and Firmware version you are using?

I have the same problem.

Developer Studio Version 2.3.2
Firmware Version R7.47.0.201202010317
Module: WMP100

When I try to refresh the task status, never finishes reloading. The target is in development mode with traces enabled and application running.

The protocol between DS and the device has been greatly improved from 7.5X version (unfortunately…)
In 7.4X, information is extracted from traces, which are not always that reliable (it’s not rare that traces frames are lost, depending on the load on the wire…)
A pending operation on the task status reloading is a symptom of a parsing issue between some traces are lost.
But if you have a look to the traces view, you should be able to grab some meaningful information concerning the task status…