Trying to launch target hangs in Switching in download mode

Hello. I have developer studio (version 3.5) installed on my linux box. I have an AirPrime SL Series Development kit hooked to it via a USB cable. (I don’t have a serial cable or uart cable attached) On the target management page, I have the /dev/ttyUSB3 (USB 3G) port open. I can see the device in status view, it is in state running, and has Open AT version v1.3.1.20131223105256. The firmware is 7.52.2.A5.201411281219. I can build my hello world program but when I try to run it (in target mode) it does some stuff in the window called “Preparing the target for launch”, but when it gets to “Switching in download mode (AT+WDWL)” it just hangs. The last thing in the TMConsole is “OK”.

Any ideas on what is wrong? I’m totally new at this so it could be something dumb I’m doing. Thanks in advance for any advice or information you could give!



I think you’ve connected to the wrong USB port.

The Q2698 and SL devices enumerate as a number of different USB ports - AT, 3G, NMEA (at least - maybe more)

Try connecting the the USB AT Command port rather than the USB 3G port…

ciao, Dave

Unfortunately, USB ports handling for Open AT devices is not working well on Linux.
When the device resets, the port ID trends to change (e.g. from ttyUSB3 to ttyUSB6 for example), which is breaking connection…
We tried several times to investigate on that particular issue in the past, but we didn’t found a satisfactory trade-off to fix the issue without rebuilding the DS communication stack from scratch :frowning:

Oh bummer. Okay, thanks for letting me know.

do you have Surplus Q2698 in stock ?