Dev Studio 2.3.0 Problems Downloading 7.51 Firmware


Has there been any update to the problems recent Dev Studio versions have had with downloads of 7.51 firmware (specifically with SL6087 modems in my case)?

The background:
I can successfully download and debug firmware and applications based on 7.46,and had no problems at all with an older version of Dev Studio.
I’ve recently updated Dev Studio to 2.3.0 and it still works with the older firmware, though I notice it has a lot more checking and background commands going on to the modem when it does software updates (quite a bit slower)
But specifically when I try to work with 7.51 firmware/bootloader, it goes through many of its checks before giving obscure timeout errors and generally hanging the modem. Notably it:

  • always leaves the modem in persistent developer mode
  • seems to be altering the baud rate down to 19200; perhaps this causes the timeout? Perhaps this is a bug as my serial port is set for auto baud detection between 19200 and 115200 (my app uses 19200).

To get out of this problem when working with 7.51 firmware and applications I have to reset the modem, and use Hyperterminal to reset development mode (AT+WDM=0), reset the modem again, and download the software or firmware with Hyperterminal/Xmodem. I can then close the port, open it in Dev Studio an work or debug as normal.

So the problem is limited to file downloads (or erase), firmware or application, always based on 7.51 firmware/bootloader. The Dev Studio version may not be relevant as I never used 7.51 code with the older Dev Studio.



Did you tried on the latest dev studio i.e. 2.3.1



There were some connection reliability issues with FW 7.51, which are now fixed with FW 7.52
I would suggest you to migrate to 7.52 for a better development experience.