Trouble connecting to unit with Firmware 7.47


Hi Everyone

Ever since I upgraded my firmware to R7.47 (R7.47.0.201202010317 to be exact), I have had such trouble connecting to a unit in Developer Studio, especially at baud rates higher than 115200. I am using Build Version of Developer Studio.

Basically, when I connect it says “Waiting for module detection”, either it times out (although I can see comms with the module in the console), or errors are thrown in the console, eg:

Sometimes there is also lots of garbage data coming through on the console. I have attached an example of this.

Has anyone else experienced these problems?

CONSOLE-COM17-20120403-115612.txt (84 KB)


On Linux the upload is completely mad as well. Throwing driver errors, timeouts, keeps uploading while the device resets in the meantime. And the progress bar just keeps going while the app is already running. Some things I did, to make it work a bit, start with AT+WOPEN=0 to stop the app, hit the refresh button, then try to download.

a better cure seems

send "AT+WDWL"

expect {
    "+WDWL: 0\r\n"

! sx -kb out.dwl

send "AT+CFUN=1"

expect {


minicom -t xterm -w -c on -S not_too_long_path_to_script_above

But it won’t help you if you are on windows. (and the openat features aren’t available anymore)

p.s. you need to do sudo minicom -s first to select the serial port used


We already noticed some timeout issues, and we’ve implemented enhancements for next version, bringing more robustness against various target behaviors.
It’s true that hardware allowing to use higher rates than 115200 (USB serial converters, fast UART expansion cards…) often cause garbage characters on the line… From our experience, the most reliable solution is often to use real USB connection in COM mode: did you give a try?


Unfortunately I don’t have access to the USB on my board. It looks like baud 460800 is the worst, 230400 works most of the time, and 115200 is the best. Unfortunately that means long download times! Will stick with 230400 for now.

Will you also be addressing issues connecting to units with W32K mode enabled with DTR disabled in the next version?


If I can make a suggestion for your future HW designs: consider the idea of keeping the USB access, mainly for development/debug purpose…