Targetting multiple framework versions

Is there any easy way of targetting multiple framework versions with dev studio? (2.3.0)

For example one project that needs to be compiled for not only firmware 7.46 (framework 2.36) but also firmware 7.51 (framework 2.51).

Source control (Subversion) is in use, so having multiple projects in the same or multiple workspaces doesn’t seem like a good idea as project files are synched as well.

I’m sure I asked this a while ago, and the answer was, “no”.


In particular, I have a project that needs both different Framework versions and different toolsets - to support both the original C-GPS version (ARM-ELF) and its replacement (ARM-EABI)…

I was sure there was a thread for that before too, but couldn’t find it with a quick search.

I had mainly hoped that the situation would have improved by now. :question:

Me too - but aparently not!