Old framework on Developer Studio 2.3.2

I have to maintain an old system based on Q2686 and builded with the framework 2.36, firmware R7.46
I’ve installed Developer Studio 2.3.2 and I would like to add this old framework.
Is it possible and where to find this framework ?



Your distributor should have a copy they can pass on to you…

From my brief search, tt appears that the archive section on the developer zone doesn’t contain them any more.

ciao, Dave

David, I have the same problem. Do you really not have a copy of your own? It seems silly to have to ask our distributor


Yes I do have a copy of the framework associated with R7.46 … but it’s around 400MB+ and I’m not able to post it online…

It’s sad that the Archives section of the Developer Zone seems to have gone missing.

And this is going to be a bigger problem with the new release policy for DS3.2 of not bundling full off-line installers.

ciao, Dave

You can get it from the “Default Sierra Wireless Repository” under “Available Packages” tab of “Packages Manager”, assuming you are using Dev Studio 2.3.2. See attached screenshot.