Framework 2.51/OS 7.51 and Q26?

Hey all, just noticed a package update in developer studio, uninstalled the old one, installed 2.51 and got shocked - it seems to lack support for Q2686H? I can see there R7.51.0_q2686RD.dwl which was missing till now, is it safe force loading it into Q2686H or the support for it already ended?

I am afraid that’s the case… are you looking for specific features/fix in R7.51?
Please also check with your FAE/Sales for migration plan.


Thanks for the info, I’m not looking into specific thing, just like new shiny things and end of life on the product makes me sad :frowning:

Dear Flex,

I confirm you that Q2686H module are no more supported with the recent Open AT Application Framework 2.51 and its firmware R7.51.

Unfortunately, we had to cut the support of some former hardware version, Q2686H is part of them.