Swifota update on WP7607


I’m trying to understand how a local FOTA update works on WP7607. If I understand correctly, the update can be done localy and after reboot the module will write the package to its final location?

I know the update should be probably stored in /dev/mtd6 “swifota” partition, but I don’t know the correct trigger mechanism and CWE format. I cannot use legato as the requirement is to have the simplest (and verifiable) setup.

Thanks for help

you can use fwupdate command to trigger the FW update process. It will then copy the CWE file to swifota partition, after that module will reboot and start to copy the image in swifota partition to dedicated partition.

Yeah I was trying to do a reimplementation of the functionality with just basic linux tools. It seems I managed to learn (from fwupdate sources) the correct swifota format by now. So I don’t need to use fwupadte software (and dependencies), but thanks for commenting :wink: .