Suggestions to easily handle response to AT+COPS=?

The response to AT+COPS=? is a list of available network operators; eg,

Does anyone have any suggestions for easy ways to extract the operator details from this?

wm_strGetParameterString doesn’t work:

u8 dst[80];
u8 src[]="+COPS: (2,\"vodafone UK\",\"voda UK\",\"23415\"),(3,\"O2 - UK\",\"O2 -UK\",\"23410\"),(3,\"Orange\",\"Orange\",\"23433\"),(3,\"T-Mobile UK\",\"TMO UK\",\"23430\")";
u8 *ptr;
u8 idx;
// Get the 1st 7 parameters
for( idx=1; idx<8; ++idx )
    // Get the next parameter
    ptr = wm_strGetParameterString( dst, src, idx );

    // Trace the return value
    TRACE(( 1, "%u: ptr=%p", idx, ptr ));

    // If the return value indicates that a parameter was found, trace it
    if( ptr )
        TRACE(( 1, dst ));


In other words, it gets the details of the 1st operator (vodafone, in the above example) OK, but then considers the whole of the rest of the string to be one parameter! :angry:

It’s also a bit poor the way it includes the bracket in the 1st parameter. :frowning:

Hi awneil,

in this case I normalize the strings first and parse them using wm_strtok (or strtok itself) then.