Maximum size of a +COPS: Response

What is the maximum size of a +COPS: Response?

In particular, the response to an AT+COPS=? command, which looks something like this:

I can’t find this mentioned anywhere in the AT Commands Guide nor in the Appendixes document. :angry:
In fact, the table of Intermediate Result Codes in the Appendices document doesn’t even mention +COPS: :unamused:

The Basic Developent Guide mentions a 512-byte limit to responses sent by the Embedded Application - does this also apply to responses from the Wavecom Core?

In fact, it seems that the +COPS: response is not sent to the handler as a single intermediate result, but as a series of intermediate results. :open_mouth:

For example:

+COPS: (2,“vodafone UK”,“voda UK”,“23415”),(3,“Orange”,“Orange”,“23433”),(3,“T-Mobile UK”,“TMO UK”,“23430”),(3,“O2 - UK”,“O2 -UK”,“23410”)

Would be received as five separate events by the handler:

1: +COPS:
2: (2,“vodafone UK”,“voda UK”,“23415”),
[b]3: /b,
4: (3,“T-Mobile UK”,“TMO UK”,“23430”),
5: (3,“O2 - UK”,“O2 -UK”,“23410”)

So where is that documented, then?? :unamused: