Suggested Regulators for Q2687

Hi All,

What switch mode regulators can you suggest to power the Q2687?

The data sheet says Vbatt
a) 3v2 to 4v5 at up to 2amps peak
b)Ripple less than 250mV up to 10KHz, ripple less than 40mV from 10kHz to 100kHz and ripple less than 5mW greater than 100KHz

Have you see any reference designs or IC’s that meet the Q2687 data sheet specifications above.

Thanks in advance.


Hmmm no answers. I’ll try another forum


Ok, this post seems to be old but i’ll post my suggestion here for future visitors. I used 3 different power supplies without problems. For prototyping or AC supplied aplications I used MIC29302 for low current devices, and for devices that shares the Q2687 with other ICs I used LM2596S (switching step-down with simple external inductor). For battery supplied portable devices, i used MCP73863 Li-Ion battery charger without powerpath, that means the battery in parallel with the module, but managing the enable and the battery level by software to avoid overcharge. I have working those three options for long time without problems.

MIC29302 is probably what I need. However, what about using MIC29300-5.0 that has a constant output of 5.0V for Q2687? I see that Q2687’s maximum input voltage is 4.8V, but would that 0.2V extra be a bid deal and cause any problems? I will be supplying the board with at 12V battery. I am just trying to minimize the components I need for my pcb.


If 5V was OK, don’t you think they would have said so? :exclamation: