Q2686 Testing


I have designed the new board using Q2686 module.
I’m getting the Digital Power Supply volatges for External Devices VCC_1V8 and VCC_2V8 at pin number 5 and 10 .
And I have used UART1 (main serial link) to connect to the PC.
And I power up the module but i’m not getting any response at serial terminal .
And also its not detecting the SIM.
Could you please help to fix this probelm…

thanks in advance .

Check the PTS: I don’t think these are intended to supply external devices - they provide a reference, but not a supply:question:

In PTS it says ,we can use them for power supply for external device and max current shld be less 15mA for load.

Is there any other way to check whether the module is working properly or not.
I mean , to confirm that module its getting proper supply and its running its application etc.


could you show your schematic? Maybe there is a problem.

I solved that … now its working…

There was some problem with schs only…

For the benefit of others who may have the same or similar issues, would you care to share what, exactly, those “problems” were…?